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Freedom Flight

At times in our lives we find ourselves feeling lost. We have fears, anxieties, we have longings to take care of others to the point we lose ourselves. In these times we find ourselves looking for a place where we can feel safe, loved and comforted. A place where we can take off and fly spread our spirit in flight away from the worries of life and to our safe place where we like that person who is looking back at us in the mirror. When I started the painting the bird was flying away over the land looking at the land below, looking for a place to land in a safe place to rest in that warm sun that the bird was flying into.

As I traveled in my own personal journey in getting to know me again. I found myself painting the bird turning towards the viewer coming into a landing. With all the expressions in colors of paints in textures, swirls, and in splashes of excitement that life that had been found. It is not a weakness to admit you need help or need someone to draw too.

Freedom Flight

We have to learn to face our insecurities to face the things we really don't like about ourselves. We have moments where we need to rest and times where we need others. To touch us, listen to us, and to help us find our way HOME TO OUR FREEDOM FLIGHT.

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