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There are many ways to engage with me, whether it be through attending local art shows, shopping online, or booking me for live wedding events. I also offer classes twice a month in the Old Pecan Factory in beautiful Eufaula, AL. From teaching watercolors, acrylics, and drawing, these classes teach the basics you need to start your own creative journey. For dates and times, contact the Old Pecan Factory on the web to register for classes.

There is something unique and romantic about letting an artist capture your most precious memories, whether they are from the past or the present. It could be your childhood home with all its special spots, portraits of your family, or having a live painter at your special events such as homecomings, weddings, or parties. This may be a new concept for some, but it has been used for centuries by people to record their special moments. It is a great way to capture the essence of the occasion and provide a form of entertainment. The resulting artwork can become a treasured heirloom that can be shared with generations to come and serve as a beautiful addition to your home.


My focus is on capturing special moments in time, such as a first kiss, a dance, or the laughter of those around. I also pay attention to the little details that make a moment memorable, like a flower girl stopping to pick up flowers as she walks down the aisle. With my years of experience in creating artwork across different subjects, I use the soft and transparent nature of watercolors to bring these stories to life.

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