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Theresa Fisher, Artist 

There is a song that is sung in every performance of Swamp Gravy in Colquitt, GA, The song chorus says "I have a story, you have a story, we all got a story to tell".  We do all have a story to tell and I love to tell mine in my artwork. My inspirations come from my life  experiences. From walking in the woods and coming up on a waterfall, to listening to music playing from a street musician as he plays his instrument, and to the moment of saying goodbye to someone you love. In all of these, I express these emotions with the flow of color from various mediums including watercolor, paper casting and acrylics. Each are expressed with texture, color, and form. I love to inspire others to connect with their inner artist and to follow their dreams. 


You will see the surrounding area around my hometown of  Georgetown, GA in my artwork. You will see the example of my portrait work in a painting of my mother, who is also and artist and  who  I live with. You will also see the faces of people I know and other friends and loved ones.  


I have a fine arts  degree from Valdosta State University. I have been honored to have had my work featured in a magazine, and in private collections in the United States, and internationally including work in a US Senator's collection and a television personality. 


I hope you find inspiration here, something for your own collection or  let me help tell your story of a cherished memory. Let me help you tell your story.