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About Me


Theresa Fisher's art reflects day-to-day life experiences. Memories are captured and takes shape in a watercolor, acrylic and handmade paper fiber art. Each tells a story of the artist and her view of the world of memories made by others or herself. Cardinals sitting on a tree limb in a three- dimensional form being those homecoming visitors to see traditions being continued and new ones being made. Her creative collages of telling the story of a wedding day and family. All come from her years of experience and taking time to getting to know her subjects. 

Theresa has a Fine Arts degree from Valdosta State in Valdosta, GA and has shown in various venues throughout the southeast states. Has received several awards including Best of Show, First Place in Sculpture and Distinguish Merit in various shows. She has work throughout the United States and International countries, Work in the private collection of an US Senator and TV Personality. 

2017-03-28 01.57.58.jpg

The creator created us in HIS image, therefore, we were created to create. Each of us doing our part in unison with writing, music, laughter, dance, in a vast definition of ART! So Let us create the magic of  LIFE!

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