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Heaven and Nature Sings

Music touches the very core of your soul if not from the keys of the piano, to the strings of a violin, to the swells of the saxophone, and each speaking to your very core. A walk in the woods to a waterfall you hear the wood winds in the breeze and tinkling of cymbals as the water falls and lands on the rocks soon sounding like drums tapping out a beat. Walking beside the ocean and standing next to it feeling the rhythm of the music of the waves. To see the flowers and birds dance as ballerina dances. In Psalms in the bible it talks to the reader that God desires our Praise and time with us and that if we do not Praise Him the earth will cry out in Praise to HIM. Take time walk in the woods feel the wind, see the movement and Stop, Listen, and Praise HIM. Take time to sit at HIS feet.

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