Finding Refuge
On a sunny afternoon I went for a ride in our near by wild life refuge in the beautiful Eufaula, AL area. The day was wonderful seeing the wild life and the natural beauty our father has made for us. Original watercolor 16x20 unframed in mat $200.00
Don't mess with my Tutu
Don't mess with my Tutu! Yes now you are singing it too. I have always had fun with this tune. I could see a lady waiting to dance and just ready to start and knowing that someone will want to touch her beautiful outfit. Ink and watercolor original 11x14 $75.00
My Quiet Place
My favorite time of the year. To see the colors change and feel the crisp air. The added strong arm around you as you cuddle in drink that cup of coffee. This is life. 9x12 unframed original watercolor $50.00
five headed crow
five headed crow ink and watercolor original. In the image you find five different birds heads. 11 x 14 150.00
downtown gazebo
Downtown gazebo in Eufaula AL. Another beautiful view from my studio window. Each day to see the flag flying over it. Hearing the taps as the flag is lowering. 5x7 original watercolor 75.00
Commission work
Painting of homes watercolors original Prices
8x10 150.00 11x14 250.00
16x20 350.00
fountian time downtown
Downtown Eufaula the fountain in the center of town. With the flowers in bloom around it. This is a view I get to see each day from my studio window. 5x7 watercolor original 75.00
another sunset day
So many beautiful sunsets from the front porch of my home. The gentle colors remind us of it is time for rest. 9x12 original watercolor $100.00
for unto us
For unto us is born this day in the city of David a savior Jesus Christ our LORD. watercolor original card 5x7 $25.00
fresh flowers
I have always loved fresh cut flowers. For no special reason just because. The reminder of a date, graduation or some event that is just for you. We all need fresh flowers.11x14 watercolor/ink Original unframed $75.00.
I'll be Home
This little bird has a history with me. I remember as a little girl seeing these outside the window right after a fresh snow had fallen. It is a memory that stays. Watercolor original card 5x7 $25.00
Jazzy Memories
Remembering a time sitting on my dad's shoulders while walking down in the French quarter. Listening to the music coming from the different buildings, stopping and watching a street musician play his instrument. Sweet memories....Original watercolor on Canvas 12x16 200.00
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